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Blog - Shame Green
Every one of my aura colours is an on-going work in progress, like a crystal slowly being polished to reveal previously hidden facets. One of the colours that is showing me a new face at the moment is Shame Green. When I first began working with this colour, I called it 'Deception Green'. I could just as easily have called it 'Suspicion Green' because it always appeared in the aura when people felt someone was lying to them. view more >>
Blog - Souls Ideal Orange
An unpublished aura colour inspired by Judith Collins, famous Australian aura reader.  view more >>
Blog - Investment Brown
I use my book Aura Colour Therapy almost every day, as a reference guide when working with clients. Every now and then I have the vague impression of a specific colour meaning but I can't find written in the book. view more >>
Blog - Manipulation Green
An unpublished aura colour, Manipulation Green is similar in shade to Resentment Green and the two can often be found side by side in the aura.  view more >>
Blog - Spiritual Romance
An unpublished aura colour about love view more >>
Blog - Moody Blues
This unpublished aura colour is similar to Sensitivity Blue, but it has stormy, murky depths that can reflect hormonal imbalances and problems with the endocrine system.  view more >>
Blog - The Self-Acceptance Colour
I was doing a healing yesterday, with a client. While working through her colours, I discovered a frequency I hadn't seen before. With new colours, the easiest way to describe them is to reference existing colours. This new colour was half Abundance Green, and half Performance Green, with some Patience Green thrown in.  view more >>
Blog - The Spiritual Awakening Colour
A rich purple-blue with a silvery sheen and some sparkles. This is an unpublished aura colour that I come across in peoples auras 2-3 times per year. In other words, this colour is quite rare! view more >>