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Aura Colour Therapy has been written for creative people who have a love for healing, colour and spirituality. Featuring 88 specific aura colours with in depth profiles describing personality traits, behaviours and experiences associated with each colour, this book also guides the reader through the development of psychic skills and enhanced self-awareness. Delightful case histories and a story about Omanisa's colour-filled childhood round off a thoroughly engaging and comprehensive book on aura colours and healing. This book was created using self-publishing technology (Blurb), and is a black and white text. The aura colours are featured on the Aura Cards (see below). Omanisa will be working towards creating a full-colour Aura Colour Bible in the near future. 



The accompanying deck of 88 Aura Cards can be ordered by contacting Omanisa's directly. Alternatively, readers can use the free Aura Card program available on this website.

UPGRADE to the E-BOOK Version

An e-book version of this book is available from the shop. The e-book includes additional features not found in the printed version, including full colour images, a list of keywords for each aura colour, and information about how the meaning of each aura colour changes depending on its position in the aura and what other colours are also present.




"I wanted to tell you again how great your book and cards have been for me. I love your book. Its written so concisely and intelligently and I every time I pick it up, it's always easy to find new little insights and inspiration to do some of the exercises/meditations. They have been making a profound difference in my life already.

Thankyou so much!!

Lots of love, Paige"