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  I have been working as a healer since 1996. My basic training began with Reiki. This opened my psychic senses, enabling me to feel energy as different frequencies of colour. As a result, much of my healing work involves reading and adjusting aura colours. Not long after I learned Reiki, I met my spirit guides. My male guide taught me how to cleanse the aura and work with light. He helps me recycle energy and transmute it.


My female guide taught me how to walk in the shadows of another persons darkness and bring that darkness into light. Most of her training centres around psychology and being able to make shifts in perception so I can 'see the gift in disguise', or 'the light in the darkness'. In other words, she shows me how to look beyond what is immediately obvious into hidden depths and to find blessings in challenging situations. 

I have many years experience repairing and restringing the energy lines of the aura, removing blockages and working with chakras. Where possible, I teach mindfulness and creative visualisation techniques so that clients can learn how to adjust their own aura frequencies. With more experienced clients, I simply guide them through the process of healing themselves.

As a healer, I use a blend of psychology, shamanism, psychotherapy and energy work. My counselling style is influenced by Jung, the shamanic traditions of Mexico and Hawaii, my spirit guides and my empathic ability. By focusing on a persons body and aura I can often read their personality, behavioural traits, emotional history and experiences. This helps me guide them through the healing process.

Shamanic song healing is a particularly effective approach for me, partly due to my background as a professional vocalist. This is a blend of toning, breathing, blowing and songs that sound as though they are being sung in native tongue. Besides creating an atmosphere that helps the client shift into an altered state, sound can also be used to release emotion and move energy.

My healing work is highly diverse, with the tools utilised dependant upon both the client and the situation. With my healing style being heavily influenced by shamanic traditions, my healing work often has a journey-like element to it, as though I am travelling through the body or the psyche, encountering visions and characters that represent parts of who you are and the healing spirits who are helping you.

If you wish to book in for a healing, you can simply ask me to work with what comes up during the healing, or you can set a clear intention to work on specific issues, up to a maximum of three in any one healing. These issues might be physical health issues, emotional or psychological patterns you wish to change, relationship challenges or life issues you are currently grappling with.

Alternatively, you might simply wish to become more balanced and confident, you might ask for a healing initiation or you might have an intention to enhance your intuition. Healing isn't always about repairing what is broken; it can often be about making what is already beautiful and balanced even more beautiful and balanced.

If you are not local to my area (Darwin, Australia) we can work via skype. Readings can be ordered and paid for in the shop.