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Mini Aura Expo for students
Date Start: 2012-03-18
Time Start: 2pm
Date Finish: 2012-03-18
Time Finish: 5pm
Cost: $50.00
Presenter: Omanisa Ross
This is an opportunity for students to practise their skills in a friendly setting with other students. It will also be a chance for like-minded people to come together and forge new friendships and professional networks. We'll allow a relaxed, organic process within people moving between stations as they desire, with a 40min debriefing process before we finish for the day.
Long Description:
We will have three 'stations': Healing, Aura Sketching and Reading and Aura Card Reading. Students are welcome to move about amongst the stations, giving, receiving and observing. I will also be moving between stations, providing hands on guidance and assistance where required. Pre-requisites: *Attendance at an Aura Sketching Workshop, an Aura Colour Therapy Workshop or Omanisa's Psychic Healing Classes. Aura readings students will need to bring their own sketching materials, or Aura Card and Book sets.
Key Note:
Venue: Palmerstion Public Library Community Room
Address: Goyder Square The Boulevard in the City Centre
Location: Palmerston
State: NT
Date Start: 2012-03-18
Time Arrival: 1.45pm
Time Start: 2pm
Time Finish: 5pm
Date Finish: