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Flower Essence Workshop
Date Start: 2012-04-29
Time Start: 9.10am
Date Finish: 2012-04-29
Time Finish: 6pm
Cost: $250
Presenter: Omanisa Ross
Long Description:
I make my own flower essences from Darwin native wildflowers. This workshop will introduce you to four local flower essences that aren't featured in the current national stocks of existing flower essence providers. Students will be guided through making a connection with each essence and will explore the practical applications for each. This workshop includes a take home stock bottle of each flower remedy. I studied flower essences in my naturopathic training but I also received personalised training from an Australian 'gypsy' who taught me an alternative psychic method for making flower essences. In this workshop you will be introduced to this technique and taken on a field trip to make your own local flower essence. All materials supplied (flower essence making kit, artists sketch book, eraser and pencil, four stock bottles) Please bring your own camera, hat, sunscreen and a plate of lunch to share.
Key Note:
Venue: Sundari
Address: Caryota Crt
Suburb: Coconut Grove
State: NT
Date Start: 2012-04-29
Time Arrival: 9am
Time Start: 9.10am
Time Finish: 6pm
Date Finish: