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Reading the Aura Cards
Date Start: 2012-09-16
Time Start: 12.30pm
Date Finish: 2012-09-16
Time Finish: 5pm
Cost: 80.00
Presenter: Omanisa Ross
Would you like to improve your ability to read the aura? An easy way to do this is to work with Om's Aura Cards.
Long Description:
Last year, Om began producing copies of her Aura Cards for clients and students. This was accompanied by a self-published book called Aura Colour Therapy, a comprehensive guide to understanding the aura and reading aura colours. Since then, Om has produced a smaller Aura Card Guidebook, for those who want a quick reference guide to reading the Aura Cards. For those who do not already have an Aura Card kit, these are available for purchase on the day, for $80. The new guidebook is available for workshop students for $12.00. This workshop begins with sacred play, using a range of Aura Card games designed to familiarise players with the Aura Cards and enhance their intuitive card reading skills. From here we explore basic three-card spreads, before moving on to the more complex seven-card chakra spread. Students will practise the art of cross-referencing colours with chakras, and identifying important colour combination meanings. Throughout the day, we will also be discussing how the cards can be used for healing, manifestation and colour-magic. While this workshop is best suited to those familiar with chakra-based colour theory, beginners are welcome.
Key Note:
Workshop outline: Aura Card Story-telling. Aura Card Charades. Reading the area above the head. Reading the head, throat and heart area. Reading the hands, belly and leg areas. Putting it all together with colour combination meanings. Using colour magic for manifestation and healing.
Venue: Palmerston Library Community Room
Suburb: Palmerston
State: NT
Date Start: 2012-09-16
Time Arrival: 12.30
Time Start: 12.30pm
Time Finish: 5pm
Date Finish: