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"Raised by a creative, open-minded family with a love for nature and science, I began researching aura colours, self-hypnosis, shamanism and creative visualisation as a fourteen year old. Over the years, I blended these interests together to create my own meditation, healing and stress management techniques, which I now teach to others.

I am intrigued by the connections I find between the work I do as a healer and modern day research into the fields of neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and neurotheology. Like most of my family, I am fascinated by the mind! In my spare time, I love writing, reading, bush walking, making flower essences, photographing wildflowers and painting."


A excerpt from Omanisa's book AURA COLOUR THERAPY:
"When I was sixteen, my Aunt Maggie took me with her on a vision quest, hosted by a visiting American Indian shaman. After fasting for a day, we had to sit quietly in the dry river bed and stay awake all night, awaiting our vision. We each had our own private space away from the others, with vertical sticks in the sand around us to mark the four directions.

Just as the first rays of dawn arose, I gave up. There had been no vision beyond a half-dreamed image of a big black spider and I was pretty sure that didn't count as a vision. My sigh of defeat turned into a sharp intake of breath and wonder as rainbow light began pouring in through my eyes and filling me with colour! I sat transfixed, trying to find the source. After a while it stopped. A few moments later it began again, and I discovered it was coming from a spiders thread.

The spiders thread was attached to the top of my eastern direction stick directly in front of me. The other end of the thread was unattached, floating out at a ninety degree angle from the stick as though searching for an anchor. It was rotating slowly from left to right and back again. Every time it reached half way with its loose end pointing straight towards my heart, sunlight caught on the thread, beaming rainbow colours into my eyes. After a few passes, I realised there was a very tiny spider on the end of the thread. Afterwards, when other people were asking the Shaman for help interpreting their visions, I was too shy to approach him and ask him what my vision could mean. I had already chosen spider as my power animal years back (or perhaps spider had chosen me) and I loved colours but at the time I had no idea of the visions true significance for me. I understand now, of course, because I am an empathic psychic healer and counsellor who works with aura colours. Just like the spider who feels vibrations through her web, I feel the vibrations of energy in a persons aura as a pattern of rainbow colours. And my greatest passion is writing about aura colours."


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