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"Omanisa has an amazing psychic and healing ability. I have been a client of hers for a number of years and am still astounded at the insight into my own issues that she is able to give to me. Omanisa's style of healing feels very safe and non-confrontational and I have found that her healings continue to work on me for a number of weeks after each healing session, allowing a positive and permanent change to take place."


Lyn Kelly

"I find Omanisa's insight and skill at interpreting energy imbalances enlightening on all levels. Her healing techniques make her advanced in her field. Darwin is lucky to have Omanisa Ross living & practising here."


Lou Taylor APP; RCST
Move Into Harmony

"Healing from Omanisa goes above and beyond expectations, whether it be face to face or distant. Omanisa facilitates you in your own healing giving you the courage and confidence to be able to keep on that healing journey for yourself, a humbling experience always.

Kathleen O'Keeffe NT

"Omanisa has taught me to trust my own inner wisdom and spirit guides, so that I can facilitate my own healing. As a spiritual counsellor Omanisa works intuitively to create sacred space for healing to occur. I love her integrity, passion and wisdom of spirit. I feel very blessed to have her as my teacher, mentor and friend."

Katrina Christie-Duck (intuitive healer)

"I have seen a lot of practitioners over the years & I have found that my appointments with Omanisa have always been one that I really look forward to. For someone who is so spiritually in-tune, she is also extremely grounded and practical with her advice and teachings.I have found that Omanisa has a really good blend with her spiritual healing, natural remedies and councelling and advice. Her intuitive ability to identify and pin-point the key issues on each visit is phenomenal, and she does it in a way that always makes me feel supported and empowered. I live in Queensland and whenever I go to Darwin to visit family, I always make a point of seeing Omanisa, as do my extended family. I can't recommend Omanisa highly enough. She truly is a rare & gifted woman."

Sam and Catherine