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Personalised Aura Readings

Omanisa has been sketching and reading the aura as a spiritual counsellor since 1998,

working for the Australian Psychic Expo and providing distant readings for an international clientele via the internet. 

          An aura reading can provide insight into your:


Spirit guides and deceased loved ones

Personality and deeper values

Spiritual growth and your higher self

Unique gifts and skills

Childhood, past lives, and future possibilities

Relationships and emotions

Career direction

Inner selves such as the inner child

Beliefs and attitudes

Communication style and self-image


Omanisa says: 


"I am only given information which is relevant to you at the time. The less 'clutter' present due to unresolved issues, old baggage, relationship problems and so on, the more we see of the real you; your essence and higher potentials. A good quality reading is one where I simply validate and clarify everything you already know about yourself and your life, deep within yourself, but have never been able to put clearly into words."

An Aura Sketch and Reading 


This full length Aura Sketch and Reading is quite indepth and takes 90min to complete. Omanisa tunes in to a minimum of three psychic images to guide her through the reading. These metaphorical psychic images often represent inner selves, your spirit guides and deceased loved ones, and the condition of your energy field. Omanisa usually channels though at least one animal spirit guide...

"With each of the three characters or psychic images, you are welcome to think of them as being either literal, or metaphorical, depending on what you are comfortable with. I tend to move back and forth between both perspectives. For example, in a reading I did today, I used the psychic image of a giraffe as an animal spirit guide but it also represented my clients musculoskeletal system and her finances, which were major issues in her life. The 'giraffe' was able to provide her with guidance on how to deal with both of these issues. Part of this information came to me in the form of colour wisdom. The brown and yellow patterns on the giraffe are aura colours which represent confusion, money and anxiety."


Aura Sketch and Readings are best suited to spiritual people who want to enhance their self-awareness. They aren't well suited to people in crisis who want their decisions made for them, or for those only seeking prediction.


If you would like an Aura Sketch and Reading and you are local to Darwin, you can book a session with Omanisa at her Palmerston clinic. If you live elsewhere, you can purchase a reading from the shop. Distant readings can be done via skype or msn, with the session booked in during my business hours. Alternatively, Omanisa can do the reading for you in her own time as a written or recorded reading. Both the sketch and reading can be emailed to you.



An Aura Card Reading


An Aura Card reading can be short (30min) or long (60min). With the longer version, there is more time for indepth counselling and for clients to ask questions. An Aura Card reading is similar to a tarot reading but rather than focusing solely on prediction, Omanisa tends to place more emphasis on using the cards as a spiritual counselling device to help you understand yourself better. Omanisa is happy to advise you, but she prefers that you take responsibility for making your own decisions, as per this feedback from a client:


"I went to a psychic with a friend on Wednesday and it totally threw me off. All my intereactions with people have changed because of it. I never want to go to one again! You're different because you don't just 'tell' people, you explore options with them and ways of moving through them. Much more productive and enabling."

Omanisa made her first deck of Aura Cards about 10 years ago, after going shopping for a set of tarot cards and not being able to find anything that suited her. When someone suggested she make her own, Omanisa made a deck of Aura Cards, featuring each of the colours from the chalk box she uses for aura sketching. For many years, this was her private deck of cards that she used for her own personal growth, but then in 2009, Omanisa started incorporating the Aura Cards into her healing practise, using them with her clients, with excellent results.

The Aura Cards can be ordered from the shop, and used with either the Aura Colour Therapy book, or the Aura Card Guidebook.