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“I have had readings from Omanisa several times and on all times she has been very accurate,

giving beautiful messages of encouragement from loved ones on the other side,

messages full of colour and love”
Natalie McNee

“A wonderful, enlightening experience that has enabled me to confirm that I am on the right track”
Sharon Crews

“An excellent reading. Omanisa helped guide me with a lot of issues

that were very relevant in my life. Thank you very much.”
Natalie Hopkins

“Fantastic, lots of great confirmations and positive suggestions on how to approach challenges.

I love the relaxed and warm environment. I have left feeling fantastic! Thank you”
Vanessa Porter

“It is always a great pleasure to have a reading from Omanisa.

Her accuracy is uncanny, it was almost as if she read my mind.

Her sensitive guidance is invaluable and was what I really needed.”
Jocelyn Mead

“It is so wonderful to have this profound and beautiful assistance to staying on my path. Thank you Om”

Monica Jacobs