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Iridology (also known as iridodiagnosis or iridiagnosis) is a study of the colours and patterns in the iris (the coloured part of the eye).  These patterns are thought to reflect potential strengths and weaknesses we have inherited genetically. It's important to remember the old 'nature/nurture' concept when it comes to genetics; you can inherit a potential pattern but it may not appear at all, unless there are situations in your life (or your lifestyle), which 'activate' the pattern.


For example, a potential weakness in the heart area might not be an issue if the person eats well, exercises regularly, loves wisely and laughs joyfully. Knowing our potential strengths and weaknesses can help us make better use of our strengths while taking preventative action which helps us side-step or reduce the impact of potential weaknesses. 

I love iridology. My husband says I 'cheat' because when I look into peoples eyes I see more than I should; in other words, my psychic ability switches on when I read eyes. Iris-gazing provides me with an excellent insight into mind-body health patterns. I see whole stories in people's eyes to do with behaviour, emotions, experiences and health issues.