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 Flower Essences


Flower essences are a form of 'vibrational' medicine, whereby the vibration or aura pattern of the flower is captured, or 'imprinted' within the water used to carry it, and this frequency is transfered to the client's aura when the remedy is taken. These frequency patterns are educational for the aura, helping promote awareness and transformation of emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. 


I've been making my own flower essences from local North and Central Australian wildflowers for the past twelve or so years. I studied Bach Flowers in my Naturopathy degree, but was also trained by an amazing lady called Mhyrlyn who taught me a 'no pick' psychic technique for making flower essences. Since then I've gone on to make my own gem and colour essences, using the same method.


I'm slowly starting to list my flower essences in the shop and will start writing some blogs about them, so keep your eyes open if you love flower medicine as much as I do! At the moment I'm writing a book about the flowers I found while travelling through Central Australia, and their uses in healing. This book is inspired by my grandma who died at the beginning of this year.


After my grandma retired from medicine she wrote a book on Centralian Wildflowers, using all her own photographs. She in turn, was inspired by her husband who was a photographer, and her brother Peter who is an arid zone botanist stationed at Uluru. I've inherited the passion for wildflower photography and am really looking forwards to my next wildflower field trip: The Gibb River road in WA in 2013.